About US

New Horizon College of Engineering aims to develop competent engineers and business managers equipped with essential skills like problem-solving, process re-engineering, and business value addition.

The Department of Human Resource Development (HRD) liaises with alumni and recruiters to channel individual talent towards the acquisition of relevant skills.

The HRD department comprises Corporate Relations, Learning & Development, and Placements, which work collaboratively to ensure student readiness for the corporate world. They focus on supporting students’ holistic development, with an emphasis on personal and career growth through the Industry Institute Interaction Cell, Skill Development Centre, and Corporate Relations and Placements.

The HRD department manages the institute’s branding, corporate relationships, student training, and placements. It ensures that students are equipped with the necessary skills for industry success while also administering rules and regulations. Overall, the HRD department at New Horizon College of Engineering is dedicated to empowering students with the skills and abilities necessary for success in the industry. Besides, an entirely new vertical has been launched under the Dept. of HRD known as Consultancy that would cater to customized upskilling projects to the task force in the corporate sector.

Our Objectives

Student Empowerment

Our priority is to equip students with vital employment skills and foster an entrepreneurial mindset to prepare them for success in dynamic job scenarios.

Continuous Learning

We cultivate an attitude of continuous learning in students. We encourage personal development and organizational growth through self-motivated initiatives.

Effective Communication

Facilitate communication and collaboration among different skilling and upskilling aspects. Foster innovation and efficiency through a collaborative approach in a professional setup.

Values and Identity

Reinforce and promote values and culture that will help students develop their own identity in careers. Foster a sense of belonging and being a team player.

Industry Readiness

We ensure our students are well-prepared for the industry through continued academic support and value-added initiatives to confirm their success and advancement.