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The mission at New Horizon College of Engineering is to provide able engineers and business managers who are equipped with life skills, such as providing solutions to complex problems, re-engineering processes and adding value to businesses. Research indicates that students who complete their graduation/post graduation courses at New Horizon and seek their careers in the corporate world or wish to pursue higher education or join family business etc., research indicates that all these purposes, students should develop certain life skills while they are studying and these skills are imparted at New Horizon beyond academic curriculum.

Four different structured interventions are implemented for all students studying at New Horizon College of Engineering and they are:

  • Aptitude development Training
  • Basic English Communication
  • Domain/Technical Training
  • Attitude and Behavioral Development.

The selection process of various companies are constantly changing year after year. Considering the selection process of companies who have visited engineering / management campuses in Bangalore over the past five years, the changes incorporated by them and the process they follow, we have designed our program to equip our students’ to face the selection process with confidence.

Our Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) program for students is designed depending on the specific requirements. During the program we ensure that students are given the required amount of practice in various areas like Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability, Reasoning Ability, Group Discussion, Personality Development and interview.

New Horizon College of Engineering has a focused Placement Cell. Students and companies are two of our valued clients. Delighting the students and companies is the mission of this department. Hence all the activities are centered around these two customers.

Our customer–centric efforts have helped us retain the 1st position in Karnataka (Source: Dataquest June 2018). One of the crucial factors involved in this ranking (besides the placements of students) is the industry response. The evaluators judged the response of various corporates with respect to the colleges. This goes to show that we have been largely successful at staying in line with our mission of customer delight. New Horizon constantly endeavours to offer the best to the industry and our students. You are really important to us. We want you to be happy and successful at New Horizon.